Best pet magazines you have to know about

Pet parents may feel overwhelmed at times when taking care of their little friends, no matter if they are cats, dogs, fish, or any other species that can be kept as a pet. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent pet magazines out there that can supply you with all the information you need to make sure that your non-human companion receives all the care and understanding you can offer. Here are some pet magazines that deserve a monthly subscription.


Animal Wellness

Considered by many pet owners the best magazine about cats and dogs in entire North America, Animal Wellness will provide you with the knowledge you seek about how to feed, train, or care for your pet. The incredible feedback it gets from pet parents who consider it very useful and informative highly recommends it.

National Geographic Kids

If you already have pets, or you plan to get a first one for your son or daughter, this magazine will offer you some fascinating inside view into the world of pets. With articles intended for the younger audience and aiming to cultivate a love for pets, this magazine impresses with the high-quality photographs displayed throughout its pages.



While there are magazines that bring together information on various pets and species, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook those that specialize in certain pets. Dogster, as you may well guess, is a magazine that focuses on dogs. As a dog owner, you will surely find this magazine to be full of information, and also very entertaining.



Catster is the close sibling of Dogster, with the only difference that it focuses on cats, instead of dogs. You will find plenty of info on how and where to adopt a cat, as well as many heartwarming stories. Everything cat-related should come from here.



People who don’t own a cat or a dog should not be marginalized as pet parents. Those who like reptiles will find this magazine to be precisely what they need, as it is a bountiful source of information on lizards, snakes, as well as alligators and other reptiles. If you want to get a reptile as your home companion, this magazine will tell you everything you need to know about different species.

All Creatures

Should you be interested in getting information on various species of animals, All Creatures is one of the publications that garner, at the moment, the most interest from animal lovers. The pages of the magazine bring to life real stories of humans and animals, and they will make you feel close to nature, as well.


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