Best pet magazines you have to know about

Pet parents may feel overwhelmed at times when taking care of their little friends, no matter if they are cats, dogs, fish, or any other species that can be kept as a pet. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent pet magazines out there that can supply you with all the information you need to make sure that your non-human companion receives all the care and understanding you can offer. Here are some pet magazines that deserve a monthly subscription.


Animal Wellness

Considered by many pet owners the best magazine about cats and dogs in entire North America, Animal Wellness will provide you with the knowledge you seek about how to feed, train, or care for your pet. The incredible feedback it gets from pet parents who consider it very useful and informative highly recommends it.

National Geographic Kids

If you already have pets, or you plan to get a first one for your son or daughter, this magazine will offer you some fascinating inside view into the world of pets. With articles intended for the younger audience and aiming to cultivate a love for pets, this magazine impresses with the high-quality photographs displayed throughout its pages.



While there are magazines that bring together information on various pets and species, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook those that specialize in certain pets. Dogster, as you may well guess, is a magazine that focuses on dogs. As a dog owner, you will surely find this magazine to be full of information, and also very entertaining.



Catster is the close sibling of Dogster, with the only difference that it focuses on cats, instead of dogs. You will find plenty of info on how and where to adopt a cat, as well as many heartwarming stories. Everything cat-related should come from here.



People who don’t own a cat or a dog should not be marginalized as pet parents. Those who like reptiles will find this magazine to be precisely what they need, as it is a bountiful source of information on lizards, snakes, as well as alligators and other reptiles. If you want to get a reptile as your home companion, this magazine will tell you everything you need to know about different species.

All Creatures

Should you be interested in getting information on various species of animals, All Creatures is one of the publications that garner, at the moment, the most interest from animal lovers. The pages of the magazine bring to life real stories of humans and animals, and they will make you feel close to nature, as well.


Interesting facts about Montreal

Historically the commercial capital of Canada, Montreal is the second largest municipality as a whole, after Toronto. Named after Mount Royal, the hill in the heart of the city, it is one of the world’s five largest French-speaking cities, and most residents are bilingual with many also speaking a third language.

One cool fact about the city is that it has what is called an Underground City – a labyrinth of tunnels connecting 20 miles of shopping malls, museums, universities, hotels, banks, offices and seven metro stations. These were built in order to help the city’s residents shelter from the winter chill and snow, as well as from the hot summer temperatures.

Rich history and architecture

This city offers many interesting things to see and visit. For those who are in love with beautiful buildings, the city might of special interest as it features a rich history and architecture, being a UNESCO city of design. In case you’re thinking about visiting, do not forget to check out Old Montreal and the Old Port.

An important factor to the city’s beautiful architecture is the rule stating that no building is to be taller than the Mount Royal Cross. This monument has an interesting history as it was first erected by Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve in 1643, fulfilling his vow made to the Virgin Mary in his prayers to end a disastrous flood.

The illuminated version of the cross was installed in 1924 and given to the city 5 years later. It was in 2004 that the city renovated the monument and did additional work to improve access to the site and installed new park furniture. The Cross is made of steel and consists of 1,830 pieces.

If you’re wondering how people get around in such a large city, then you should know they thought about it ahead of time. Montreal’s metro was inaugurated in 1966, and today it has 68 stations on four lines. The best part is that every station was designed by different architects with individual themes and original artworks.

The city of Montreal was originally inhabited by the Saint Lawrence Iroquoians, who in the 14th century established a little village called Hochelaga at the foot of Mount Royal.


The world’s first recorded indoor ice hockey game was held in Montreal on March 3rd, 1875, at the Victorian Skating Rink. The game was organized by McGill University student James Creighton and it was played with wooden pucks by two teams of nine members.

Montreal is also linked to another great moment in the history of sports. It was during the Summer Olympics held in 1976 that the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci scored a perfect 10 and captured the all-around gold medal. These days, the Olympic Park is a popular tourist attraction.


What is a micro air vehicle (MAV)?


A micro air vehicle, or MAV for short, is a miniature UAV that comes with a size restriction and it has the possibility of being autonomous. One can be as small as 2 inches, with a width in the same size category. Nowadays, a MAC can have many purposes, including commercial, it can be used for research, and even for military missions; even NASA has its own MAV projects.

The future of these machines looks bright, as specialists believe they will become insect-sized items, which is exciting. The devices will also be deployed in all emergency situations in the near future like they were at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, after the huge 2011 earthquake.



A MAV allows remote observation of dangerous environments, with high levels of radiation or with increased toxicity for humans, and inaccessible to classic vehicles. Some MAVs have also been built for hobby purposes, as they have grown in popularity and even reached a point where they have their dedicated aerial robotics contests. Some people use them as drones for aerial photography.

In 2008, a university from The Netherlands, Europe, developed the smallest ornithopter, which features a high-quality camera, called the DelFly. It measured four inches, with the weight of a coin, and it resembled a dragonfly. It has remote control capabilities, which was a breakthrough in the field of micro vehicles. However, the model was never tested outside, so it’s shine was a bit damaged by that.

What the inventors tried to do is mimic real insects, but as the team admitted, it will take humanity hundreds of years to create machines that are identical to those living marvels. Technology has its limitation when imitating biology, and our current technological advances are simply not enough.

Most MAVs have complex computers inside them, including low energy chips, gyroscopes, wind sensors, and many more. And everything has to be extra tiny to fit in their bodies. So there’s no wonder why they can be pretty pricey to create. However, that is not stopping amateurs from trying to develop their own unique ornithopters.

The most significant problem when creating such a unit is the battery. It adds a lot of unwanted weight to the product, which will make it harder to fly for long periods of time. Besides, if you want the machine to lift off, you need a big battery, which inherently will make your design larger than most developers would want. It’s a semi-paradox with a complex solution.

Luckily, rapid developments in this field are occurring very fast, due to high demand in various other areas like smartphones. Most creators draw a lot of inspiration from the natural world, so perhaps we can find some of the answers we’re looking for in the way insect produce and conserve energy.

Why you should stay away from processed meats


Although fresh meat is convenient and a rich resource of protein, processed meats, which are basically scraps, aren’t always healthy. People are not very familiar with this term, that’s why I’ve decided to reveal some of the hidden – and sometimes disgusting – secrets of this multi-million industry.

Reading this article might change the way you look at your sandwich, and it might inspire you to lead a healthier life, which is always a good thing. It’s not all bad, as processed meat has downsides and good parts, like all products. Nevertheless, one should educate oneself on this topic.

What is this thing I keep mentioning? It is stuff like salami, sausages, and beef jerky that are made of all kinds of meats, most of the times not fresh or of great quality. Instead, they may contain meat by-products that are not always fit for human consumption. I know I’m not painting a pretty picture, but it’s the truth.

Some types of processed meats are considered unhealthy and for a good reason. Some studies have linked these to gut diseases that are very hard or impossible to treat. Moreover, they may cause heart attacks and hormonal imbalances. This happens because processed products can contain many chemicals meant to preserve the meat.

This, I think, is the most significant difference when compared to fresh meat. Some of the most popular preservation methods are salting, curing, smoking – which have been linked to gastric cancer – or canning. So next time you are in the supermarket and thinking about buying meat that comes in a can, think twice.

However, the good news is that frozen meat or raw meat that has been sliced or minced is not thought of as being processed. The only thing you have to be careful when buying such a product is that you read its expiration date. Unfortunately for us, hot dogs are not included in this category, which is a bummer.

If you want to avoid harmful effects on your health, then avoid consuming processed meat very often. If you only do it once in a full month, you are going to be ok. Just don’t do it daily, as most students who live on a tight budget do. Besides, it can lead to considerable weight gain and diabetes, as it also contains high amounts of sugar.

If you do want to include it in your diet, make sure you balance the meat with plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables. However, even if you do that, you still wouldn’t be able to nullify its harmful attack on your digestive tract. So take all of these interesting facts into consideration and decide if you want to remove processed meat from your diet, or if you still want to enjoy it once in a while.

Interesting facts about chinchillas


Pets can be extremely therapeutic and helpful for all families. Apart from teaching you how to become a more responsible adult, a pet will become a new member of your family with full rights.

But if you don’t want to deal with daily walks or constant visits to the veterinarian, you may want to adopt a rodent better than a cat or a dog. Most rodents are easy to handle and less expensive than bigger pets. In addition, they’ll be easier to drop to your friends if you plan on going on vacations.

Chinchillas could prove great companions, as they are very loving creatures and will easily attach to their owners. But, before adopting a chinchilla pet, it would be best to know some facts about them.


They are nocturnal creatures

Similar to all other rodents, chinchillas are mainly active during the night, so they may not represent the best pets for children or people with an early morning routine.

You shouldn’t place their cage near your bed to avoid noisy situations. Also, make sure you find the best cage for chinchillas as they are quite picky and require plenty of space and entertaining possibilities.

In addition, avoid placing the cage in direct sunlight or in environments where it’s too hot. Chinchillas do best in dry, dark and chilly environments, with temperatures around 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit.


They are compassionate and social animals

You rarely find animals more compassionate than chinchillas. Both males and females are extremely attentive with babies and, if a female chinchilla cannot produce milk, another one will offer to feed the babies herself. In addition, as opposed to almost all other rodents, male chinchillas will not attack or kill babies but, on the contrary, will look after them.

Another interesting fact about chinchillas is that they are very social creatures and rarely manage to live on their own. Thus, it would be a good idea to find a partner for your chinchilla as they best live in pairs. However, if you’re adopting two chinchillas of opposite sexes, you should keep them separated in the first two-three months.

Female chinchillas reach sexual maturity at 8 weeks of age but they are not fully capable to reproduce and feed the babies until they’re three-six months old.


They have unique defense mechanisms

By far the most interesting thing about chinchillas is that they are the animals with the thickest fur in the world. Because of that, most insects and parasites, including fleas and lice cannot live in the chinchilla’s fur because they would suffocate.

But their thick fur also acts as a unique defense mechanism against predators. When grabbed by a predator, chinchillas have the unique ability to lose a large amount of fur, allowing them to easily escape.